Niras Bankoc - The Genuine Local Experience

Niras : One kind of Thai poem, the poet usually writes while travelling and visiting a place. The story normally portrays the character of each place and also describes the feeling of leaving a beloved girl at hometown.

Bankoc    : The ancient writing of the word “Bangkok” which was appeared in the second map of Siam printed on the historical letter of French Monsieur De La Loubere in 1688.

Niras Bankoc     : The story of your journey to Bangkok


Original Architecture  : The style of building is called Old Chinese Townhouse whose age is over 100 years. Until now, it has been declared as a cultural and conservation building, no rebuilding or changing the façade. As a result, the main structure is still the same as 100 years before. The old style roof, teak beam, floor and door pane represent the old charm from the past. Because of our pride of the original, we renovated our house to welcome all visitors allowing them to touch and feel the buildings historical past.

Interior Design : Charm is the theme of this original and old house, exuding a homey atmosphere, helping you to live and feel like a local. Every detail and design of this hostel comes from our own efforts and innovative ideas. All decorations have been deliberately selected and bought from many places in Thailand by ourselves. Though we are not interior designers, we design from our experience and good intention to make this hostel a perfect place for travellers who love culture.